Research & Insights

Recruiting top management in the age of digitalization

September 2016 - Signium Germany’s FMCG and Retail experts Ann Frances Kelly and Margareta Glass have conducted a survey of 220 leading companies looking at how the digital era has impacted senior level recruiting.

Can social media recruiting replace direct professional search service? 

July 2016 - Horst Neller, Managing Partner and Vice Chairman of Signium, talks about databases, contacting candidates directly, and the science and art of identifying, evaluating, choosing, committing and recruiting ideal candidates.

Cognitive Computing: What Executives Should know about Watson

June 2016 - "Leaders are not dealing sufficiently with the opportunities and barriers presented by cognitive technologies,“ Horst Neller, Managing Partner of the international executive search firm Signium, warns.

Emotional Intelligence – the X factor for great leaders?

January 2016 - Paul Holland, Consulting Partner at Signium Ireland, discusses emotional intelligence. (via LinkedIn)

Signium Spain produces the 11th Annual Comparative Analysis of Law Firm Compensation

January 2016 - Full study in Spanish language PDF file.

Talent Trends - the Imperative for Global Mobility & Cultural Fit

October 2015 - At an international conference of leading Executive Search professionals from 5 continents hosted by Signium Ireland in Dublin recently; among a much broader range of topics delegates discussed in some detail the benefits of international mobility, experience and cultural fit for current and future business leaders.