Recruiting TOP Management in the age of Digitalization

Signium Germany's Ann Frances Kelly and Margareta Glass publish a report on trends in FMCG and Retail


Signium Germany’s FMCG and Retail experts Ann Frances Kelly and Margareta Glass have conducted a survey of 220 leading companies in the sector looking at how the digital era (social media and online) has impacted senior level recruiting in their organizations. 

They take a closer look at how recruiting processes are structured and handled, how internal referral programmes / employee networks are utilized to identify external potential at senior levels, the use of online assessments as well as the handling of “Big Data” / generation of “Smart Data” to support senior management recruiting. 

The recently published report confirms that, at least in the German FMCG and Retail environment, senior management recruiting has not in fact been “revolutionized” by digitalization even though a slow evolution towards established trends in other parts of the world can probably be expected. 

In summary, companies of all sizes continue to place senior level recruiting processes in external hands (Executive Search Recruiters) for a number of reasons: 

  • A tailor-made direct and discreet approach is favoured by candidates / decision makers alike
  • Internal resources (HR and IT) are not structured to handle the additional complexity of mass data
  • Referral programmes do not sit comfortably in the business culture 
  • Senior decision makers are not convinced that online recruiting processes actually deliver more efficiency / speed and certainly not comparable quality 
  • Only about 1/3 of companies have just begun to invest in ways of capturing / analyzing “Big Data” to better support senior level recruiting 

The industry’s leading trade magazine “Lebensmittelzeitung” (Food Industry Magazine) as well as “Wirtschaftswoche” (German Business Week) reported exclusively on the findings of the report.

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For more information, please contact Ann Frances Kelly or Margareta Glass.