Young people still prefer to work under the CLT model

Signium Brazil releases research study about labor laws as the Congress is changing the Brazilian laws.



By Letícia Arcoverde (original Portuguese article published in Valor Econômico, Brazil)

While recognizing the inevitable impact of new technologies on the labor market, young people starting their professional life on the Rio-São Paulo axis prefer to work under the CLT model, compared to a possible more flexible model, inspired by US labor laws.

According to a survey by the executive recruitment firm Signium, most see the future career as a source of personal development and achievements and - contrary to what is said about Generation Y and its low loyalty to employers - imagines working in the same company for more Of seven years.

The research was carried out with 600 people aged 18 to 25 years, in the States of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, most of whom are in the middle or have already finished higher education. One room was a student only, and 63% worked in the research period, held in April.

Half of the interviewees consider CLT as the most suitable model for Brazil in the next 10 years. About a third (34%) say they prefer a model inspired by the American, considered more flexible, with hourly pay and various sources of income. Already 17% consider both inadequate.

For Signium's partner-director, Marcelo Apovian, the result presents a contradiction in the relation of young people to work. "They are convinced that technology will transform how they relate to work, but they believe in the safety of CLT, which is an old-fashioned model," he says.

This view is reflected in the main points observed in the job search. More than half (58%) want growth opportunities, 49% want salaries and generous benefits, and 29% are looking for stability. The majority (59%) have been working for more than seven years in the same company - about 40% imagine themselves working for more than a decade in the same place.

One share, however, shows a desire to risk entrepreneurship. While 52% of young people consider their ideal working environment to be national or multinational companies of medium and large size, 25% would prefer to undertake. Asked how they see themselves in 10 years, most (27%) would like to have their own business, while only 16% envisage achieving a leadership position.

Download the full study (Portuguese language only).