Signium’s partners have provided bespoke leadership solutions for Consumer Products, Fast Moving and Durables for over six decades.

We believe that agility, forward-thinking, consumer and customer-centricity, combined with dynamic innovation are the prerequisites for success in consumer products. Leaders face unprecedented challenges as the forces of advanced technology, a new breed of consumer, omni-channel retailing and omni-business modelling create new norms.

Signium’s Consumer team is dedicated to helping clients build strategies that stand the test of these dynamics. It is our mission to source, evaluate and commit leaders with the agility, vision, flexibility and strategic acumen to help clients outperform their competitors.

In the last three years, we have completed more than 500 assignments for Board Members, CEOs, functional Executives & Senior Specialists across more than 30 locations around the world. With a partner base of trusted advisors, many who are former senior leaders in the sector, we share the same DNA and also offer a network of business relationships which underpin our delivery for clients.