A study shows that one in four employees is unfamiliar with their company goals. However, 80 percent are keen to find out how they can do their part to help the company succeed. Partner Angela Westdorf at Signium Germany explores one option: The OKR Method.
Part 1 - Signium Partners from China, the US, Mexico, Germany, and South Africa convened to discuss some of the sector’s most important matters including diversity and inclusion in the workplace on a BlueSteps podcast.
More and more companies are deciding to give their employees the chance to take time out of their everyday (professional) lives, but which aspects have to be considered when company executives consider taking the sabbatical plunge? Beate Stelzer, Partner at Signium Germany, posed this question to some top-class managers; all of whom decided to treat themselves to a time-out.
We spoke to more than 600 business leaders in 12 different countries and supplemented their perspectives on the issue with case studies, interviews, and insights from specific industries to show the value of intuition in practice. The results show that intuition is a highly desirable business asset across the globe.
Managers should be charismatic, act as role models, convey their vision, motivate people, promote an independent approach and have confidence in how each individual performs. So say the specialists when describing what makes an ideal boss. What’s more, many managers think they have all these boxes ticked.
Advisory boards seem an obvious way forward for companies run by executives with limited global leadership exposure. Signium Africa's Auguste Coetzer and Judin Combrinck attorney J. Michael Judin explore the benefits and pitfalls of using advisory boards in the new South Africa.
Even now, while scarcely 30 percent of the executive board positions in DAX companies are filled by foreign managers, last year saw new appointments in this area soar. Angela Westdorf, Managing Partner and Vice Chairman of the international executive search and leadership consulting company Signium, examines why mid-sized as well as larger companies need to rethink their approach.
What do you do if you have introduced an executive “misfit” to your otherwise high performance team and what action should you take?
Women's Month in South Africa is a good time to share a secret - recent events give women executives a big opportunity to fulfill their potential as key contributors to corporate success. Signium Africa's Mosima Selekisho explores how women are ideally placed to meet the growing need for a new type of corporate leader.
Senior Executives are typically influenced by business needs and economic conditions. Signium Africa's Annelize van Rensburg explores how societal factors, technology developments, and changing consumer preferences have led to evolving executive profiles and a broadening of focus - thus shifting the DNA of today's executive.