What do you do if you have introduced an executive “misfit” to your otherwise high performance team and what action should you take?
Women's Month in South Africa is a good time to share a secret - recent events give women executives a big opportunity to fulfill their potential as key contributors to corporate success. Signium Africa's Mosima Selekisho explores how women are ideally placed to meet the growing need for a new type of corporate leader.
Senior Executives are typically influenced by business needs and economic conditions. Signium Africa's Annelize van Rensburg explores how societal factors, technology developments, and changing consumer preferences have led to evolving executive profiles and a broadening of focus - thus shifting the DNA of today's executive.
Gusti Coetzer from Signium Africa speaks to Brainstorm Magazine about the true jobs at risk of being replaced by robotics. Who will be affected?
Given current pressures in the realm of corporate governance and audit practice, now is a good time to remind ourselves of basic principles in the conduct of business and the behavior of directors.
In his recent address to Signium's global conference, Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership South Africa, looked at the essential components of successful leadership - vision, courage and integrity - and countries that have effected major strategic change through effective leadership.
As Executive Search consultants, we are often tasked with thinking 'outside the box' when drawing up a shortlist of candidates for senior positions. However, when we present candidates from outside the sector alongside candidates from within, one with specific knowledge and contacts from within the industry is invariably the one chosen. Martin Peterson of Signium Sweden looks at why sometimes opting for the outsider is the right thing to do.
China's GDP growth is slowing, but consumption is still growing by over 10% a year, thanks to strong structural shifts in the economy. Between now and 2021, China is estimated to add $1.8 trillion in new growth alone - a huge opportunity for consumer companies. Two Chinese business leaders, Sam Shih, Global President of APP Tissue and James Lau, Managing Director China for the Miele Group, as well as two Signium Greater China Partners, Charles Bien and Kasper Cheung, provide insights.
Eddie O'Connor, a world leader in the renewable energy sector, shares with Paul Holland of Signium Ireland some of the leadership lessons he has learned throughout his remarkable career. And his remaining ambition - to electrify Africa.
Science fiction is fast becoming a reality in manufacturing and service industries across the world as machine learning, artificial intelligence, robots and cobots (collaborative robots) become a reality. Auguste (Gusti) Coetzer of Signium South Africa looks at why businesses need to pay attention to this trend and how it will impact human employment.