Paul Holland of Signium Ireland looks at what makes Millennials tick and how firms need to position themselves to attract the best of the Millennial talent pool.
When it costs a lot to win a customer with a high lifetime value, Customer Experience assumes central importance. Clive Sugars of Signium UK looks at what it is, where it sits and the kind of people you should be hiring for it.
Following interviews with leading executives, Signium's Paul Kaye and Helene Landre look at the skills and attributes required to succeed in Food Service, and how they differ from the traditional branded food manufacturing sector.
'Flexitarians' and a distrust of 'Big Food' are driving major changes in the food market. And venture capitalists are inserting themselves in the process. Ann Frances Kelly of Signium Germany looks at the future of food and speaks to food industry experts.
The first of Signium's bi-annual meetings focused on digital content and delivery. A presentation on the digital future by Christoph Bornschein, CEO of international digital transformation agency TLGG kicked off the event. It was as unnerving as it was eye-opening.
A belief that imported brands signify quality means that Emerging Markets represent tremendous opportunities, but the landscape is far from uniform and great care must be taken to get it right. Signium Africa's Auguste Coetzer and Annelize van Rensburg look at how to take advantage of what might be the last great opportunity for brands.
More and more consumer brands are taking their digital marketing in-house and abandoning agencies. Helene Landre of Signium Belgium looks at the reasons behind this and the dangers involved as companies progress along their digital evolutionary path.
Business people tend to refer to 'Challenger brands’ as though they are all much the same. Far from it. Matthew Dallisson looks here at the different types of Challengers and how attitude is critical for them. Matt also explains why attitudinal fit for senior hires is crucial for these growing companies; how so many get it wrong and key questions to ask to enhance your chances of success.
David Sneesby, Managing Partner at Signium United Kingdom, discusses Innovation and where the responsibility for it sits within the organisation.
Angela Westdorf, Partner Signium Germany, discusses digital healthcare and its implications for the industry and future leaders.