During our recent global conference in Milan, AESC President and CEO Karen Greenbaum spoke to Signium about opportunities for the profession and reflects on the 60 year history of the AESC.
Gusti Coetzer from Signium Africa speaks to Brainstorm Magazine about the true jobs at risk of being replaced by robotics. Who will be affected?
Science fiction is fast becoming a reality in manufacturing and service industries across the world as machine learning, artificial intelligence, robots and cobots (collaborative robots) become a reality. Auguste (Gusti) Coetzer of Signium South Africa looks at why businesses need to pay attention to this trend and how it will impact human employment.

The first of Signium's bi-annual meetings focused on digital content and delivery. A presentation on the digital future by Christoph Bornschein, CEO of international digital transformation agency TLGG kicked off the event. It was as unnerving as it was eye-opening.

More and more consumer brands are taking their digital marketing in-house and abandoning agencies. Helene Landre of Signium Belgium looks at the reasons behind this and the dangers involved as companies progress along their digital evolutionary path.
Angela Westdorf, Partner Signium Germany, discusses digital healthcare and its implications for the industry and future leaders.
Do companies still need personnel consultants in the age of social media and job websites? Horst Neller of Signium Germany talks about databases, contacting candidates directly and the science and art of identifying, evaluating, choosing, committing and recruiting ideal candidates.
Experts believe Cognitive Computing heralds a new computer era. Their vision is for cognitive and comprehensive systems to replace today's computers.
Cybercrime is foretasted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. Paul Holland, Partner Signium Ireland, discusses the important role of an organization's Chief Cybersecurity Officer.