Signium Mexico's Felipe Rivelles shares his insight on how lessons from the 2009-2010 crisis can be applied to the current, complex scenarios playing out worldwide.
Onboarding and transition coaching are designed to make more efficient integration and assimilation processes of new hire executives. An outside coach can help the new hire focus on the following steps which are considered critical by experts for a smooth transition program.

Managers should be charismatic, act as role models, convey their vision, motivate people, promote an independent approach and have confidence in how each individual performs. So say the specialists when describing what makes an ideal boss. What’s more, many managers think they have all these boxes ticked.

What do you do if you have introduced an executive “misfit” to your otherwise high performance team and what action should you take?
As Executive Search consultants, we are often tasked with thinking 'outside the box' when drawing up a shortlist of candidates for senior positions. However, when we present candidates from outside the sector alongside candidates from within, one with specific knowledge and contacts from within the industry is invariably the one chosen. Martin Peterson of Signium Sweden looks at why sometimes opting for the outsider is the right thing to do.
Following interviews with leading executives, Signium's Paul Kaye and Helene Landre look at the skills and attributes required to succeed in Food Service, and how they differ from the traditional branded food manufacturing sector.
Business people tend to refer to 'Challenger brands’ as though they are all much the same. Far from it. Matthew Dallisson looks here at the different types of Challengers and how attitude is critical for them. Matt also explains why attitudinal fit for senior hires is crucial for these growing companies; how so many get it wrong and key questions to ask to enhance your chances of success.