Signium’s partners have over six decades’ experience of providing leadership solutions to clients in Retail, Apparel & Luxury.

Our durable industry network is a product of decades of specialisation, working closely with thought and sector leaders to keep abreast of the developments which shape and change the skills, competencies, qualifications and intercultural qualities required in this area.

We have supported our clients through wave after wave of sector evolution, defining, modelling and finding leadership profiles to meet each new challenge head on, offering particular experience in the integration of digital, social and e-commerce in traditional business models.

Our experience and networks allow us to selectively introduce in-demand talent from other industries to backfill critical roles where sector talent is not readily available. We work in more than 30 countries, with businesses ranging from high street retailers, through to international food chains, global online retailers and market leaders in sport and luxury, mentoring leaders throughout their careers, serving our clients with our unique level of sector intimacy and insight into the industry around the world.