Consulting Firms

The consulting sector has experienced great growth over the last few years, with the demand of consultants in a wide range of companies  as strong as ever. Major drivers behind this trend are increased globalization and digitization, as well as  stronger regulatory requirements, namely in the financial services sector. In  a client-driven industry and as clients’ needs change, consulting firms are reshaping themselves: new business models, new growth areas and innovative products and services are required. As a result, the spotlight is resolutely focused on the competencies and quality of talent within a consulting firm.    

The profile of the successful professional is evolving along with these changes, making the correct identification of the best talent in an international context a fundamental part of each company’s adaptation and growth process. Our global network allows us to access the most sought after and best trained professionals in the world.

Signium has a proven track record with consultancy firms in highly diverse sectors: banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, consumer and healthcare among others, as well as of varying sizes – from the top international firms to more specialized and mid-sized companies looking to strengthen their business in their respective sectors.

Our assignments cover the partner and principal/director level as well as advising on building entire practices.