Executive Coaching

Senior executives are often expected to manage their development without outside help. Yet most know what they could achieve with the right support.

Our executive coaches help senior leaders achieve sustainable, transformational changes in their leadership behaviours and breakthrough results. We dive deep into the organisational and individual context and customise our approach to deliver a comprehensive programme and outcomes that meet all our clients’ needs.

Our executive coaching approach includes four steps:

  • Establishing Engagement
    Includes an initial meeting with the project sponsor to determine the organisational and individual context and expectations, and a chemistry meeting with the candidate to evaluate the “fit” between them and their coach.
  • Leadership Profiling
    Our coaches assess the leadership style of the candidate and undertake a 360-degree feedback process to determine how effective the candidate’s leadership has proved to date.
  • Coaching Engagement
    Over six monthly sessions, our coaches work with the candidate to bring about the desired behavioural changes through action learning. A mid-term evaluation is undertaken to track process against agreed objectives and alignment between coach, sponsor and candidate.
  • Evaluation & Follow-Up
    The candidate’s progress is evaluated and action steps formulated in agreement with the candidate and sponsor. A follow-up session is undertaken three months after completion of the sessions, to track the candidate progress and align with agreed objectives.