Organizational Development & Culture

Decades of consulting experience has reinforced our belief that creating the right culture is critical to implementing business strategy. We help our clients make sure their culture is not an accident.

Working with senior business leaders and their teams, we dive deep into their organisations to understand what is needed for success, and deliver customised, practical solutions to help them shape the lasting change they require.

Our services include:

  • Team Building and Management Alignment
    With an in-depth understanding of your business situation and challenges, as well as the individual work style and capabilities of your management team, we customise team-building workshops to align the direction of our clients’ management team towards achieving their business goals.
  • Cultural Investigation
  • Change Management
    Modern organisations need to embrace change in order to survive in the fast-moving world of business. Through in-depth organisation diagnosis, we design and facilitate training workshops at multiple levels to facilitate change management.
  • Employee Surveys
    Organisations need to know what their people think about them and their offering. We design a process that helps them ask the right questions in the right way, and use the results to determine where the pressure points are and what should be done about them.
  • Competency Model Design and Implementation