Signium’s partners have provided bespoke leadership solutions to the Travel, Hospitality, Sport and Leisure sectors for over six decades.

In an increasingly busy world, businesses operating within this sector are increasingly competing for the rarest commodity: our time. This drives constant innovation and requires fast reaction times. The focus on health has spawned a burgeoning fitness industry, while travel and globalisation has increased our access to food and beverage experiences from around the world.  

Signium understands this market. Over 60 years’ working with the largest to the smallest operators in the sector has taught us to know what it takes to outperform the competition. We place particular emphasis on identifying the transferability of experience and skill sets across the different areas in this sector, to develop rich and diverse talent pools for clients.

With a partner base of trusted talent advisors and former industry leaders, we share a deep understanding of the functional and emotional skills needed in these sectors and our global practice possesses the networks to find dynamic leaders.