As an AESC member, Signium values diverse leadership, identifying the most qualified talent by searching and assessing broadly without bias.

Diversity is often referred to as just gender balance and we fully agree on the importance of appointing more successful business women in leadership positions. However, we also believe in factoring in other points of diversity, such as geographic origin (nationality, which then influences where one gets business experience), religion, race, sexual orientation and number of years of experience.

The value in demographic diversity is in accessing the resulting diversity of thought. Organisations that cultivate diversity of thought and harness the power of unique perspectives are achieving a competitive advantage through increased innovation and creativity.

We at Signium endorse the AESC view that: “diversity and inclusion are directly related to higher-achieving teams, innovation, better access to key markets, improved recruiting and retention, and healthier organisations.”

An interesting thought we would like to add is that difference in background is also important: did you grow up in a family where your parents – or one of them – worked in a corporate environment? Or as a teacher? In a hospital? Or in military services? An owned company or shop? Or in farming? All these variations will have influenced you and your potential to gain an education up to degree level and develop yourself as a successful business leader. We are convinced that an inclusive culture where every person is listened to, feels respected and is valued, can unleash hidden qualities and will drive every individual to achieve their full potential.

We are here to help you at a regional or local level in finding solutions tailored to each leadership challenge and business culture, whether it is in Executive Search or one of our Leadership Services.

D&I report cover page

Signium Diversity & Inclusion Report 

The Positive Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on Business - Equality is the Ultimate Goal of D&I

  • Our research questioned over 650 Business and HR leaders across 13 countries
  • 91% say that D&I contributes positively to business performance
  • But senior leaders still need to be held more accountable for D&I
  • Want to know how organisational ownership affects commitment to D&I?
  • What are the actions businesses can take to solve the challenges of D&I?

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