Signium’s partners have provided bespoke leadership solutions to the financial sector for over six decades.

The transformation of the financial services industry is now an unquestionable reality. The data-driven world and the rise of non-banking platform companies are disrupting the most profitable parts of the banking value chains, compressing margins as competition rises.

Banks and insurance companies that fail to react to the industry shake-up may see their profits fall dramatically. But these changing times also bring major opportunities for building next-generation, data-driven financial services ecosystems. The institutions that leverage digital to reinvent their approach to customer experience, operations, business model design and compliance have extraordinary opportunities to thrive.

Individual customer personalisation and segmentation, open banking models, predictive banking, new payment ways and agents, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain are the main trends to consider.

This evolution and the new opportunities it yields means that our clients require leaders with the skills to help them not only adapt to a changing environment but to stay ahead of the curve. Our financial services consultants bring extensive sector expertise to solve these challenges and access leading talent across this global industry, to give a competitive edge to our clients.

Sector Expertise

  • Asset and Wealth Management
  • Consumer Finance and Retail Banking
  • Corporate Finance and Advisory
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Fintech, Insurtech and Proptech
  • Infrastructure, Leverage and Project Finance
  • Insurance
  • Open Banking
  • Real Estate Finance and Advisory
  • Transaction Banking and Security Services