Our research questioned over 650 Business and HR leaders across 13 countries. 91% say that D&I contributes positively to business performance, but senior leaders still need to be held more accountable for D&I.
Signium Mexico's Felipe Rivelles shares his insight on how lessons from the 2009-2010 crisis can be applied to the current, complex scenarios playing out worldwide.
Mosima Selekisho, leader of Signium’s Diversity and Inclusion team, gives expert advice on communicating the benefits of an inclusive recruitment strategy.
A growing mismatch is becoming apparent between the behaviour of international corporate achievers and their South African counterparts - In Africa, local executives often spend hours in inconclusive meetings, happily endure distraction via smart devices and seem to accept the curse of constant connectivity and 24/7 availability.
Most big FMCG companies are facing an existential crisis characterised by low growth, margin-pressure and sustainability issues. Retailer consolidation, the growth of online sales, as well as health and well-being trends are all contributing to a challenging operating environment for large FMCG businesses that used to make making money look easy.
During our recent global conference in Milan, AESC President and CEO Karen Greenbaum spoke to Signium about opportunities for the profession and reflects on the 60 year history of the AESC.
Onboarding and transition coaching are designed to make more efficient integration and assimilation processes of new hire executives. An outside coach can help the new hire focus on the following steps which are considered critical by experts for a smooth transition program.
New models and target therapies are having a major impact on the Life Sciences sector. Moreover, technological advancements and the digital revolution as well as macro-economic developments are transforming the way we live, work, and do business.
Director Michelle Moss of Signium Africa discusses obsolescence and risk mitigation for corporate executives.
Part 3 - Signium Partners from China, the US, Mexico, Germany, and South Africa contributed some vital insights into the key skills and traits required by the leaders of the future on a BlueSteps podcast.