Signium’s partners have provided bespoke leadership solutions to the private equity sector for over six decades.

The private equity industry is rapidly developing, with Net Asset Value growing by 18% during the last year. 2018 was the third-highest fundraising year on record. And despite the flat trend in deal count, the value of PE deals reached a new high in 2018 at $1.4 trillion, finally surpassing the pre-crisis peak in 2007.
The past five years have shown unprecedented success for the private equity industry. During this period more money has been raised, invested and distributed back to investors than in any other period in the industrys history. This is clear clear evidence of the good health and maturity of the sector.
Private equity is one of the ‘places to be’ for talented professionals, both in the investment teams and in the portfolio companies.
Signium‘s consultants in private equity provide first-class advise to the most important global megafunds, as well as to successful regional or local funds all over the world.

We support our clients across the Private Equity Deal Lifecycle as follows:


  • Deal Origination: Connecting deal teams with recognised executives to explore new investment opportunities. Market Intelligence reports.  
  • Executives Introduction: Introducing sectorial experts or former CEO´s to accelerate sourcing and optimise the investment teams time.
  • Assessments: Conducting referential or personal assessments (depending on the momentum of the deal) to evaluate the portfolio’s executive team. 


  • Executive Search: Recruitment of the necessary CEO´s profiles, sector experts and Board Members able to support PE strategy.   
  • Leadership & Organisational Consulting: Partnering with portfolio´s CEO in leadership and organisational/business consulting.