Professional Membership Organisations are complex entities characterised by having a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, all of whom care passionately about the mission of their enterprise.

Leaders operating in this environment need high emotional intelligence, as well as business sense to engage with these stakeholders and to achieve objectives. They need to assemble and drive exceptional teams to leverage the power of their brands and to deliver against goals where competition for funds and resources is intense. The pressure to deliver a financially robust platform often requires some radical re-thinking and the ability to challenge the status quo, but with sensitivity.

Recruiting such exceptional talent requires an in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues facing these organisations. Our knowledge and networks in this sector enable us to engage with and attract exceptional candidates, both from within and outside the sector. Our extensive experience of having operated across a diverse range of organisations gives us the ability to assess cultural fit and the aptitude of candidates to take on their new responsibilities.

Signium has recruited candidates across the full range of functional specialisms in this sector.