Katya Sokolsky
“You can not impose Change, you create the conditions at the individual level for Change to succeed."
Katya Sokolsky has over 20 years of experience in supporting Company Transformation and brings an innovative vision on the way to improve the collective performance by developing individual and team leadership. Katya has previously held various ExCom Member positions in Belgium as well as at International companies and organizations such as the European Commission, City Bird, the Virgin Group, and AccorHotels.  She joined Signium Belgium in November 2017 to drive successful changes as well as develop Leadership and Organizational Excellence with Executive Committee members 

With strong experience in optimizing the Human Factor in organizations, she gained a proven ability to involve all stakeholders leading to concrete, effective, and lasting change in the transformation environment. Prior to joining Signium Belgium, Katya was supporting digital transformation at AccorHotels Corporate Office in Paris as Senior Vice President in charge of Social Innovation. She decided to come back to Belgium and to bring her expertise and impact as an external energy booster.

Native to Belgium, Katya is fluent in English, Dutch, and Spanish. Katya is known as being strategic and pragmatic, result oriented, making things happen through an out-of-the-box approach.