Organisational Design

We help organisations translate their business strategy into clear and aligned operating models, from devising the required structure, to implementation, to role assignment, to coaching in the leadership behaviours required to ensure success.

By utilising a range of diagnostic tools, workshops and interviews, we gain in-depth understanding of our clients’ strategy and build alignment amongst leaders on its core purpose. We then help to formulate an operating model that brings the strategy to life, resulting in a clear action plan and organisation structure.

Talent Review

Our Talent Review process supports our clients in succession planning and management, designing and implementing a process to identify, develop and retain key individuals, and ensuring that all talent is focused on the right career path. We go beyond the standard ‘nine-box grid’, helping leaders put in place personal and career development programmes to suit all levels of talent in their organisation, from ‘high-potentials’ in the organisation’s leadership, to those pursuing more specialist career paths.

Success Profiling

A Success Profile identifies the key attributes required for leaders within an organisation to successfully deliver against its strategic objectives. It is used as a framework to evaluate candidates for specific roles or levels within an organisation and we build these with our clients for executive search and selection, succession planning and leadership development.

Competency Modelling

Competencies are a set of skills, related knowledge and attributes that allow an individual to successfully perform a task or an activity within a specific function or role, which we design for our clients to inform recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, career development and planning, and compensation and benefits. They are also used to support the integration of human resource planning with business planning that is aligned to the vision, mission and business goals of the organisation.

Our Services

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