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As a business enterprise, recruiting can be likened to building a bridge between the client and potential candidates.
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Tokyo Office Executive Search
In Japan, there is no real distinction between recruiting and headhunting. The two terms are synonymous. Japanese recruiting companies tend to offer contingency contracts when hiring is involved. Outside of Japan, however, headhunting companies are distinguished by dealing mainly with retainer contracts. Retainer contracts are commonly used in Executive Search, and headhunters primarily represent the client in searching for appropriate candidates.
With a contingency contract, recruiters look to place a person in a specific position. They usually receive a hiring fee upon successful fulfillment of the contractual obligations. Conversely, with a retainer agreement, our company is approached by the client to help find a candidate for a specific role.
As an Executive Search consulting firm, our searches involve retainer contracts. Thanks to our strong global network and large client base, we like to think of ourselves as among the world’s top headhunters.