Adolfo Gonzales
Managing Partner
“The best way to predict a successful search requires a deep understanding of the client, the organization and its culture, and the tenacity to generate extraordinary candidates, creating trust and speeding up the search process. Our compromise is 24/7 and our customers evaluate us based on qualitative indicators."
Adolfo Gonzales worked 25 years in management positions for different business sectors such as mining, industry, and consumer products for multinational companies such as Marcona Mining Company, Chrysler, Warner Lambert, Hoechst, and Bunge & Born. He has worked in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and the USA.  Adolfo has 20 years of experience in Executive Search, is the Managing Partner of the Peru Office, and has been a Board Member of Signium.

Adolfo has a broad knowledge of the global market and has handled multiple searches for Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Regional Managers, and Functional Managers in various sectors for important national and multinational companies in Peru, Latin America, and worldwide.  He is specialized in the business sectors of mining, petroleum, energy, industry and consumer products.  

He holds a degree in Business Administration from Peru and has an MBA from the Technology Institute of Monterrey, Mexico. Adolfo is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce. He enjoys his family, long walks and swimming.