Team Coaching

Our unique approach to leadership team development accelerates performance by:

  • Deploying an evidence-based approach that captures the team’s ‘performance pulse’ through key stakeholder feedback, measuring the impact of the leadership team and individual members
  • Providing leadership development within the context of organisation vision, strategic direction and desired business results
  • Leveraging a combination of academic research and industry expertise to develop individual and collective leadership capabilities
Individual Coaching

We work with leaders to help them unlock their natural creativity and, through posing powerful questions, enable them to identify solutions to their own challenges, which leads to sustainable behavioural change. We support leaders in defining and visualising their professional and personal goals and help them to leverage their innate strengths and overcome any barriers to success. Whilst individual coaching can support leaders at any stage of their career and act as a standalone intervention, we routinely coach leaders as part of a broader development programme or to support them during a transition into a new environment or role, thereby accelerating their time to performance.


Signium’s Onboarding programme is a practical and powerful staged approach that enables newly appointed leaders to determine a clear direction and accelerate their performance within their new role and organisation. It accelerates a new hires’ journey to high performance, enables quicker and more effective assimilation with colleagues, aligns new hires with company strategy and culture, and avoids the risk of a new hirestalling. Onboarding is equally effective in supporting new leaders into the organisation or those that have been promoted to more senior positions from within.


Our high impact, intense workshops cover a full range of leadership skills in areas such as situational leadership, personal impact, strategic thinking and planning, and decision-making. Signium’s workshops are anchored in our clients’ strategy and environment, and so provide insight and development within a real-world context. The design and implementation, whilst built upon our standard approach and proven methodologies, is bespoke for each client to ensure its relevance and engagement from all participants, also working in support of existing client leadership development programmes.


Our Outplacement programme is designed for executives and senior managers when they have been made redundant in their former job. We provide practical and coaching support to help leaders to re-orient themselves to the job market and prepare them for their transition into their next role. At Signium, they find trust, understanding, advice, inspiration and new energy. This service is strictly individual and of high ‘tailor-made’ quality.

Our Services

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