Vincent Thunnissen
Senior Consultant
“I am particularly challenged to find candidates, who not only fit the professional profile clients are looking for, but whose personal profiles as individuals suit the client company’s particular ‘way of being.’”
Vincent Thunnissen has been active in Executive Search since 1992, when he joined Amrop, where he started in Research and was quickly promoted into a Consultant role working at senior level search projects in a wide range of industries. After spending 10 years at international search firm Stanton Chase, he joined the Amsterdam office of Signium in 2014 as Senior Consultant.

Vincent holds a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature from the Universities of Groningen, The Netherlands, and Nottingham, UK. In addition to Dutch and English, he speaks French and German and has reading knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. His hobbies are classical music, sports (swimming), reading (not surprisingly, he’s a keen reader of biographies), cinema and current affairs.